Displays each of the user’s upcoming, current, and past activities/events.




January 25, 2018


Used to display real-time and past message logs between users. It comes with a number of sub components that can be used to display the different types of message items.

  • Chat started by Diane Peters · Wed, Feb 14, 2018
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  • Laboriosam asperiores cupiditate aperiam!
    Diane Peters · 20m
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  • Consectetur quis.
    Beni Arisandi · 14m
  • Jennifer and 2 others invited to the chat · 5:06 PM
  • Officiis numquam, repellat nam tempore sit nostrum autem excepturi quis nihil.
  • Jennifer Gray · 13m
  • Beni Arisandi · 5m
  • ZF
    Ad earum dolore excepturi itaque officia vel fugiat quo.
    Zachary Fowler · 3m
  • The file sent by Zachary Fowler is too large · 2m
  • ZF
    Zachary Fowler · Just now
  • Jennifer Gray is typing


Hey there! this is a post with engagement, @stilearning ratione doloremque eos #looper aliquid ipsam, molestias cumque asperiores mollitia nam corrupti dolore recusandae nihil?

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